Sunday, July 24, 2005


Is a pig's pu**y pork?

Ok....the title has nothing to do with this entry. BUT I thought the shit was funny. I got it from the movie Hustle & Flow. Which by the way, was a pretty good movie. Almost had me wanting to go break out my Casio keyboard and enter the studio. LOL I met up with Yolie and her HH. I was running late, but I made it before the movie & previews started dammit! Anywho, it was a good movie so go check it out.

I need some excitement in my life. I haven't gotten into anything in a minute. I can't even give ya'll no HOB details. I haven't even heard any good HOB details! *Nothing. Not.a.damn.thing. I'm bored ya'll. My social life *sigh*

The more I think about it, the more I feel like it's time for me to get back out in the market. Brown Sugar needs a companion. I need somebody to spend some time with. Somebody to occupy all this idle time (when the son is not around). Not that I don't have shit to do but you know, I need to spruce up my life. I need some excitement. I know you're thinking, "How much excitement can Brown Sugar actually get?!?" hee hee

I'm looking for elgible bachelors. Handsome.... clean cut..... compassionate..... sensitive, but still kind of rough around the edges.....honest..... FUN..... motivated..... hard worker...... optimistic..... family oriented...... educated..... dedicated..... (damn, this list can go on and on) Um.... oh yeah! Last but not least, Brown Sugar's future man MUST be good in bed. At least good to Brown Sugar. You know he has to eat pu**y and the like. *smile* Is all that too hard to ask for? I don't think so. Of course, in asking for all of those qualities, Brown Sugar will be able to offer the same qualities...give or take a few. I mean, I'm not handsome, I'm pretty. I wouldn't consider myself "clean cut". More like, "well put together." I'm not rough around the edges....rather soft. hee hee you get the picture. I won't break it all down.

I've noticed that when I have a man, I'm in a much better mood. Unless, we're beefing about some BS, but still. I notice that I feel sexier. I want to be out and about more. I have a lot more pep in my step. Know what I mean? Is that just me? I'm not saying that having a man MAKES or COMPLETES me....I'm just saying. *smile* Having a man makes me feel good and want to do good things with and for my man. Know what I mean? Even after we surpass that "ooowee stage."

Ok, I don't have shit else to say right now. Let's get it started. *pulling out little red book*
Good luck with your man search. You being the fab person you are, I'm sure it won't take long before a handsome beau has you all occupied and stuff :).

Umm... as for that PUNK AZZ movie, "Hustle & Flow", I want my damn money back! Not from you... but I'm just saying. It.SUCKED! I hate movies with horrible endings.
ewwwwww.. you just threw my whole day off with that title. LOL

i was kinda feeling the same way except when I look at my friends and their relationships I really don't want none of that mess.

Now, someone who's my FRIEND and can come hang with me on the late night (Must leave by midnight though) and cuddle with me and bring me food- That's what Im lookin for!

But alas, the only men who offer to do that are ugly. And I dont wanna throw up before I munch my wings so...I'll settle for some late night IM sessions until i get sleepy.

But uh, was this like, your personal ad or something? Do you ever date guys u meet online?
I feel you, I have 100x more zest when I'm with my guy.

There is nothing wrong with feeling another person makes your life complete. Darnit, the man is missing a rib when he doesn't have his mate. Married folks become 1 entity.

I always hear men say their wife has made their life complete. Women get jeered and gotta qualify such statments. Darn women libbers.

May the force be with you especially out there in the black gay man mecca.
LOL @Call2Arms. I appreciate you wishing me good luck in my quest to find a new love. Even in the Black Gay Mecca! *sigh*
@Tee~ Girl...naw. this isn't a personal ad. LOL I'm just writing, er...typing out, what I want. I figure if I put it out there, it will eventually manifest.
@Ms. Thing~ You didn't like the movie, eh? I mean, I admit it wasn't the BEST. But...I did like it. hee hee Hey, I need to reach out to you. I have something I want to invite you to!
"Whoop that trick!! Whoop that trick!! Whoop that trick..." I can't get that song out of my head!
Gurl... you better find something quick, cause I been needin' a "brown shuga HOB blog" fix!!! LOL! Oh and when you find someone with those qualities you described, can you see if he has a brother, friend, or cousin for me ?? :~)
LOL@ That title...

I haven't seen the movie, but am planning too.

Now as far as this manifestation you speak of....I think if you just get out more it will happen...I mean its still nice out and folks are going to be out more naturally so just get out that "Fuck'em Girl Dress" and hit up a few after work sets...see what happens..*smile*
@Coley ~ LOL at yo ass! I hear ya girl. I hear ya. I need to get into something so that I can post a HOB post. *smile* I may have to dig in the archives of my life and see what I can muster up just for you. *wink*
@Kel~ YOu are totally right about me getting out more. I guess I won't meet anybody if I continue to just go to work, come home, go to work, come home....etc. I'm going to have go get me one of those dresses you spoke of. *smile*
I cain't EVEN get past that title....
U R so right about how having a man affects your moods and the way your present yourself and view life. Loneliness is a mugg!
Awww shucks! You want to reach out to me? Awww shucks! Could this be my invite to an HOB party at last? LOL

How can we do this? Hmm... I don't want to put my e-mail address out here. I don't use an alias :-/. If you have one, leave it in my comments section and I'll write you back with my contact info. Or, if you speak to EJ, X or Grayse, get my phone number from one of them.
Awww... I hope you find Mr. Right... or at least, Mr. Right Now. *shrug* Companionship is paramount. and it most definitely does make you (read 'me') in a much better mood.
Or, and just work with me on this, you can move back to DC. Something's always going on. Men are everywhere. Why, just a couple weeks ago Sharon and I were out and we were beating them off with a stick!!!

and why when I was reading your list of qualifications, I thought of those sights where prisoners list their positive attributes? I gotta get my mind back right!
just a question...where do people find these sights where prisoners list their positive attributes?
seemed a bit random to me, but enlighten a brother. i just have to be assured that sisters aint looking in the pen for prospects. i mean you were a ryder for a dude before he went in, cool. but you gon ryde for him off the break, wow!
That is an excellent thing that francis mh noticed. I'm curious too. I think I've probably searched the web extensively but I haven't found the prisoner's dating website. LOL. Although I did see one prisoner made a comment on Kajuana's post. It was then I knew my blogger days are numbered.
"I've noticed that when I have a man, I'm in a much better mood. Unless, we're beefing about some BS, but still. I notice that I feel sexier. I want to be out and about more. I have a lot more pep in my step. Know what I mean? Is that just me?"

Nope. It's not just you. Good luck!
I must say that I feel more vibriant when I am single. I am more outgoing and more flirtatious. Being single gives me an extra freedom to be more social. I wanted to say that it makes me feel more sexy too but I leave all of the sexy comments for Panama.
Yes, Shug, I know exactly what you mean on how having a man in your life can make you feel better, sexier, more alive (not that he MAKES you)... Having that special man can be fun... Make you want to give your all and enjoy everything you do together and for one another... You'll find him chica! Break out the MAC lip gloss and strut! I said strut! Work it girl!! ~smile~ xoxox

p.s. That line was hilarious: "Is a Pig's P**sy Pork!?" lol The movie was okay... Made me want to stand up and say: "I'm in CHARGE!" ~tappin my chest with my finger~ lol AND, I've never heard the word, "Man" used so many times - LOL
OK, at first I was stuck at the title. I think I'm going to contemplating that shyt ALL day! LOL!! Then, I read your post and had some inspirational comments like, "Keep your head up, girl!" and "There are about 1.5 to3.0% of the black males that AREN'T gay here" (LOL), but I just got STUCK at the fact that a prisoner commented on Kajuana's blog. *blank stare* I do believe it is REALLY time to need to be packing your bags too!!!
Ha! You're killing me w/ that title. So it's been a week since you posted any new HOB details?
I dont know about all that other snit but a brutha is optimistic denasumbitch.
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