Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I'm in need of....

.....some d*ck. Dammit. It's been a minute. A sistah is tired of "handlin" her own business. I love my wabbit and all but dammit, I'ma need the real deal in the near future. If you know what I mean. I mean, there used to be a time when the d*ck was readily available to me. Hell, there used to be a time when a "combination" was readily available. Sometimes, one or the other. Not that I always took either of the two up. I'm just letting you know that a sistah, THIS sistah in particular, was never lacking for options. Key word is "options." Not saying that I put all of my "options" to use. I'm just letting you know where I'm coming from. I'm surrounded by freaks! Why is it that I can't get my rocks off though? I'm in a drought, indeed. I MUST have a sign on my forehead that CLEARLY says, "Good d*cks, thataway way!!! NOT this way." *waving arms with cones in hand....right this way* I mean, I don't know what else it could be. *shrugs* But at any rate, I chit chatted with option 1 with another option to include option 2. Get it? Ok, am I going over your head? Do I need to be specific n' shit? Ok, well last week, I received a "proposal", if you will, from a former lover/cut buddy. He called me and asked me what I was doing the upcoming weekend. I told him that I didn't have anything planned thus far. My parents were heading back home AND taking my son with them for TWO WEEKS! So....I was FREEEEEEE!!! Perfect timing! Well he asked me if I wanted to either watch him and this chick have sex OR if I wanted to participate. As horny as I was, I opted for the latter. Damn. I'm losing it. What's up with that? I'm usually game for threesomes. Must be what happens at the ripe age of 30. But actually, if it was another chick, I probably would have been down. I knew this girl and just wasn't feeling her. She has this real high squeaky type of voice. Drives me crazy. So maybe I'm not losing it. I had just reason for not wanting to participate. But I'd watch all day long...as long as she wasn't saying shit. hahahahaha What? You got something against voyeurs? If so, who cares? This is my story AND my page. Feel free to move on. *swift kick up the butt*

Immediately after my parents pulled off, I felt relief. I felt.....horny? No...really. I did. I couldn't wait to get on the horn with my former cut buddy and let him know it was a GO. So once I came back home later that evening. I showered, relaxed, sipped on some wine and..... I'll be damned if I fell asleep on the damn couch and woke up at 4am. I missed out on everything. It was raining cats and dogs. The combination of rain and wine was damn near hypnotic. I was out like a light. I'm just not having any luck! So my weekend was uneventful. It rained all damn day on Easter Sunday too. I called a few of my former cut buddies but while talking to them, I realized that I didn't want to "do" them without even mentioning it to them. What's up with me getting all conscientious? HA! Yeah....I must be losing it. Maybe this hiatus is good. Yeah....maybe. Hmmm.....maybe......just maybe....I'll get lucky this weekend while in DC!!! Yay!!!!! *clapping hands* HA! Yeah.Friggin.Right! No such luck there. I definitely don't have nothing up that way anymore. Those days and cuttybuddies are long gone. *sigh*

Is this what thirtysomething is going to be like for the remainder of this next decade? My goodness. Hoping....wishing....wanting....longing....*double sigh*

But in all seriousness, I'm not just looking for a cuttybuddy. I'm looking for something with some substance. BUT do know that he MUST be a nasty boy. hee hee That is a prerequisite. Gotta keep it spicy!

Day to day, I get so caught up in my motherly duties that I sometimes forget about myself. It's not that I don't think about being in a relationship or even getting some on a regular. I just don't or haven't made time to actually meet somebody. A DECENT somebody, that is. I'm still seeing my out-of-town-lover here and there. But that's wearing thin.... I need him here. As you can see, he's not handlin his business so I have to resort to writing my dirty thoughts & desires out on this damn blog.

Hey Ed, I tried to provide you with some HOB details on this one. I'm sorry I didn't succeed. I may have to resort to telling some OLD "war" stories. HA! HOB details...indeed! From the looks of it, I won't be having any fresh stories to tell. But...you never know! *hanging up my coat*


Thursday, March 24, 2005


My worst job...EVER!

Every year this time, I think about my first and WORST job that I've ever had. You're probably wondering, "Why do you think about it the same time EVERY year?" Well, I'll tell ya. I was in the 11th grade. This company called Holiday something was hiring at the mall. A few of my girlfriends worked with them during the Christmas season. Well, they seemed to enjoy being little elves and taking pictures of the kiddies with Santa Claus. Well, that's what they told me anyway. Hmm...I could do something like that. Seems fun. AND I've always liked taking pictures. Right? Well...little did I know.

Christmas and Santa came and went. Another holiday was approaching. Which holiday, you ask? Easter. Who comes to the mall during the Easter season? The Easter Bunny!!!! Yay! *clapping ecstatically....clapping slows and fades completely out* Yeah....just like that. Well, I applied with this Holiday company. While applying, the lady informed me that all of the photographer positions had been filled. She then asked me if I'd like to be the Easter Bunny. Me, not having a clue, said, "Yeah...I don't mind." I didn't know any better ya'll. I was only 16. LOL I was more excited about having a little part time job. Well I'll be damned if she didn't hire me on the spot. HA! That was easy. Right? That should have been my second clue. Well after going over what I was getting paid, she advised me to make sure I dress as "cool" as I could. *shrugs* Ok! Well, I showed up and was escorted to this back room in the mall. There it was. The Easter.Bunny. Head, clad with long bunny ears one place and the body hanging on a coat rack. Luckily, I had on my Nike biker shorts (had to have them after seeing EU's 'Doing da butt' video - ha ha) and tank top. The photographers assisted me in putting on my Easter Bunny suit. Then came the head. I didn't have that thing on two minutes before I was overwhelmed with heat. It was the worst.

Next thing I knew, we were walking in the mall to my.....bunny nest? hahahaha All the little kids kept running up to me. Easter Bunny! Easter Bunny! Pulling on me and shit. I wanted to put my rabbit foot up their butts! ! hahahaha Get away from me you pesky kid. hahahaha Terrible! I know! Anyway, we finally made it to the "bunny nest." They sat me in this big straw chair. ARGH! I was ready to go! Too bad I had four hours to go. Luckily, they gave me a break every so often. Not only for me to use the bathroom but to cool the HELL off LITERALLY. I felt like I was in HELL up in that bunny suit. Hair and quasi-fur balls kept getting into my mouth. I couldn't get them out. I kept spitting and gagging. Where the Easter Bunny's mouth is, is where I looked out. One time, this little girl saw my eyes and she was like, "Somebody's in there!" I'm thinking, "No sh*t sherlock!" She was trying to dig all up in the bunny's mouth. I politely scooted her off my lap. THEN to make it even worse, my boyfriend and his friends came up to the mall. He knew I was the Easter Bunny. Ofcourse, he thought it was the funniest thing. HE even went so far as to come over and sit on my lap. From that point, I was SUPER embarrassed. My parents came too. Ofcourse, they thought it was the cutest thing. I just couldn't wait for the holiday to be over!

Between all of the above, crying kids, know-it-all kids, etc. I couldn't take it anymore. Needless to say, I didn't last too long. I quit that job. I mean, I tried to hang on as long as I could. BUT...I just couldn't do it. So, my hat goes off to those who work as the Easter Bunny. Couldn't be me.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005



A sistah has been MAD busy. Can you believe they have been working me like a damn slave? The nerve of them!!! Expecting to get a full day's work outta me! In addition to that, my parents are in town for a week....so you know I have to be the gracious hostess. But if it makes you feel any better, you've all been on my mind. ((((smile)))) *blowing kisses to the crowd* I guess I could have given ya'll a head's up, huh? Let's see...not much has been going on with little ole me. My life has been quite uneventful this past week or so. I have a few blog topics on my mind but dammit, I just haven't had time to sit my ass down for longer than ten minutes. Once online, I'm checking email and chit chatting with a couple of my buddies online before moving on to my next task - entertaining the family. You know that can be a daunting task in and of itself. You know how it is when you have company in town. Though I LOVE to entertain (i'm quite the social butterfly) I'm ready to have my place to myself again. Usually after the first couple of days, I'm ready to get back to my usual routine. You know? Between my daddy smacking & sucking on every food particle that enters his mouth, his random demands for things and both of them making a big deal out of NOTHING I already need a break. LOL At any rate, I'm really glad to see my parents and be able to spend time with them. Especially since we're 12 hours driving distance apart. Plus, they help me out with my son. NOT to mention that they are taking him back with them for two weeks. Yay!!!! Woohoo! Ohhhhh what a feelin....Toyota! (picture me jumping up in the air) Remember that commercial? LOL Yeah...that's what I'm feeling. Pure.Delight. So you already know...it's going to be on like popcorn! LOL *Clapping ecstatically* I may even have some hand on booty details to share with you all. Hmmm....a thought to ponder on. *rubbing chin* Yeah......(still rubbin) I juuuust might. I already got a proposition for the upcoming weekend. Maybe that will make up for my sucky after bday continuation weekend. OH!!! For all the DC area, excuse me, "urrea" bloggers, I will be in town the weekend of April 1. We MUST coordinate something! Ok my darling bloggers and anonymous visitors, I must be going now. Back to entertaining the fam. Peace!!!!! (throwing two fingers up and saying like Pam from Martin - hahahaha)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Did you?

Did ya'll read about my sucky weekend??? I need to make sure ya'll stay abreast of Brown Sugar's current events. hee hee I posted it before the last entry BUT on the same day. I know ya'll aren't accustomed to that.
Wow....this is probably the shortest post I'll ever type.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


It could have been you...

Friday morning. I woke up around 5:30am. I immediately started thinking about what I had to do that day. I thought about what all I had to do when I got to work. Considering I took off work the following day, I wanted to make sure I was caught up on my paperwork. The first thing on my things-to-do list was to go down the courthouse. I usually go there at least once, sometimes twice a week. Well I got to work around 7:30am. Thirty minutes earlier than I'm scheduled to be. I immediately commence to do my usual. Clean & disinfect my desk, telephone, keyboard, etc. As I sat there I realized that I actually had a lot or work to do. I went through all of my reports and set aside the ones I needed to type warrants up for. I already had one warrant typed up and ready to get signed by a judge. But since I was taking off the following day, I figured I'd go ahead and type up a few more instead of putting it off. That would keep me in the office a little longer than I anticipated. I had planned on going down to the the courthouse before they started calling their 9:00am court cases. I was hoping to be out of the office no later than 8:15am. Well, that didn't happen. People were coming in and out of the office. It was 9:00am before I knew it. Things were kind of hectic. The next thing I knew, I heard a lot of craziness on our radio. A man had somehow gotten hold of a gun - two guns - and shot a deputy sheriff, judge and court reporter down at the courthouse. What?!? I sat there and continued to listen intently. He had gotten away. Wait a minute. He shot another deputy sheriff outside the courthouse. How in the hell did he get out of the courthouse?!? Damn....more calls from 911. Dispatcher continues giving out lookouts of the suspect. Suspect carjacked vehicles.... No where to be found. 1 dead....3 wounded shown on the tv. All the while, I had already heard reports from my co-workers on the scene that three were actually dead. Dead before even making it to the hospital. But they didn't say that on the tv. My heart was hurting. I had all kinds of emotions going on through my head. That could have been anybody. Hell, that could have been ME walking into the courthouse and being met by suspect with gun in hand. NO CLUE. Defenseless. By this time, I'm receiving calls from friends outside of the state. Wanting to know what the hell is going on here in Atlanta. Damn...the media is something. They already knew and they are no where near Atlanta. All I could think about was, "Damn...you could have been down there. DAMN! You were on your way down there." THANK GOD I wasn't. Fortunately, something kept me in the office. Just think, I could have been down there in all that mass hysteria. That man turned Atlanta upside down for over 24 hours. That night, I was terrified. I'm not going to even lie. I spoke to another police officer who stated that they had received one tip that he was in the county where I lived at one point during the day. What did he tell me that for? I was nervous pervous for the remainder of the night. Couldn't sleep. I kept all lights on. Baby in bed. Dog underbed. Me....wide awake. Making sure gun was quickly accessible. The more I watched the breaking news, the more nervous I got. It was awful. Tears still come to my eyes just thinking about the whole ordeal. Situations like this make me think that I am in the wrong damn profession. But even saying that, it doesn't matter these days. These days, you can be at the RIGHT or WRONG place and it won't even matter. People are crazy. What made him snap like that? What makes anybody snap like that? Would YOU snap like that? I guess we never know. From my understanding, it all started with him not being able to handle his ex-girlfriend no longer wanting to be with him. Man.... It could have been you.

MY weekend SUCKED!!!

I'm going to keep this short. Didn't SHIT go down this weekend. Remember I told you that my damn Aunt Dot was coming to town? Well I'll be damned. That bitch ( i know some of you not familiar with aunt dot are like, "damn, that's fucked up she refers to her aunt as a bitch") decides she wants to come to town two days early. Mind you, whenever she does decide to grant me with her presence, it's usually on a Sunday or late night Saturday at the earliest. It's almost like we have an arrangement. But naw...this bitch decides to show up on Friday morning. *pumping brakes vigourously....CRASH!!!* GOT.DAMN! Part Deux was cancelled....for this weekend at least. Oh...not to mention, we had some crazy FOOL on the loose. I would have been laying low anyway. Luckily, he was captured. *sigh* Yeah man. Stay tuned for future programming -n- shit. *kicking dirt & bras* (hee hee....Will) Hey, it's never too late to celebrate. I mean, who says I have to be celebrating my birthday. I can just celebrate the JOY OF LIFE....or JOY OF SEX, even. hahahaha Ever read that book? hahahaha
Now I know I mentioned that a girlfriend and I had planned on having a spa party also. Which was the main reason for getting a hotel room. Well, she had other financial obligations that she needed to handle. So...we decided to postpone the spa party for another day. However, I figured it was still all good. You know? I could always stay at the hotel room and invite folks over for a private party. "I'm your private dancer. Dancer for money. I'll do what you want me to do." (all sung in my best Tina Turner voice) *FIT of laughter!!!* Well, even that was put on hold due to the arrival of Aunt Dot. *sigh*
Hey, but if it interests you....I did get a lot of work done at home. I relaxed. I went to see Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Which by the way was a very good movie. I laughed and cried. Now I see why my girlfriend keeps calling me Madea. hahahaha Only thing, I don't bust random gunshots in the air! hahahaha I washed and folded clothes. Even attempted to get my outfits and my son's outfits laid out for the week. Notice, I said ATTEMPTED. Bwahahahaha! That's still in the works.
At any rate, I'll be sure to keep you updated as I see fit. Part deux won't be going down next weekend either. As my parents will be back in town for a week. So you know ain't shit going down but a bunch of good eatting and family entertainment. Which really isn't so bad! SMILE!!!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


All in all...

My birthday weekend was FABULOUS!!! For starters, I met with Xquizzyt1, Grayse and Ms. Thing on Friday after work. We met up for dinner and drinks. I planned on just staying for an hour or so but I'll be damned if we didn't sit up in that mug for damn near FOUR hours!! I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I REALLY did! These ladies meet pretty regularly. They took it upon themselves to invite Brown Sugar. Wait a minute. *rubbing chin* I may have invited myself initially. *a thought to ponder on* LMAO! Good Night! (that's for you X) ROTFLMAO! Either way, I passed with flying colors and was initiated!!! Gold star for Brown Sugar!!! *Cheerleader jump* Woohoo!

First off, let me say that each one of these ladies are unique in their own way. This was my first time meeting Grayse and Ms.Thing. I met X when Will came to town. We met him at the airport during his layover. I LOVE me some Will!!! ***hugs -n- kisses*** MUAH!!! Oh....he is such a wonderful person. He's such a sweetheart. But don't let all the niceties fool ya. Will is full of wisecracks all day long!!! It was a short visit but we all hit it off great for us not to have ever met before. Dammit! I'm supposed to be talking about this PAST weekend. Not two or shree weekends ago!! HA! Anywho.....where was I??? OH!!! Grayse is soooo sweet!!! She has such a pleasant personality. She was the baby of the bunch. Awwwww! *hugs* Ms. Thing is a hoot!! When I first saw her, I was like, "Oh...she looks like she might be real quiet." Shiiiii! There is NOTHING quiet about her! She even bought me a Gimlet, I mean, GREMLIN (per our server) for my birthday. Being cool + buying one a Gimlet/Gremlin = cool with Brown Sugar. Poor thang (our server). She just couldn't get anything right with us. Luckily, we had Xquizzyt1 there......who, "keeps it real!" (What's really hood "B?") *fit of laughter* I knew it would be a good evening. Anybody who watches AND quotes skits from the Dave Chappelle show is alright with me!!! X was a bit perturbed with the aforementioned server girl who brought our drinks back and couldn't figure out which drink was which. Ms.Thing ordered a Bourbon and coke and X ordered....her usual. (Makers Mark and Coke). She sent her on back, after ordering her to put two stirrers in the glass so that she can differentiate the two drinks. During all the confusion, I politely grabbed my Gimlet/Gremlin off the tray and proceeded to drink while they discussed the mix up of their drinks. Clearly, X didn't want to pay more for her Makers Mark and actually be drinking bottom shelf alcohol. Never that! HA! Well, the night went on and after one more Gimlet and plenty of Makers Mark (consumed by unknown patron) we all went our separate ways. It was a good night. I'm definitely looking forward to hanging out with them again.

Saturday. Saturday. SaturdaaaayEEayEEayEEaaaaay! Unfortunately, I had to work. *BoooooooHisssss* (that's for X & Ms.Thing). But it wasn't all bad. Work was kind of slow. Well, I made it slow. All that paperwork that sat on my desk....did just that. Sat there. hahahahahaha Although I did do a little work. hee hee I worked on plans for the night. hee hee After work, I came home and attempted to take a nap. My parents were in town and were out in the streets with my son. Which meant, FREE TIME for me. I attempted to lay down but I kept peddling. I had to figure out what I was going to wear that night. I had to make phone calls. Then...finally I laid down. By that time, my parents came back and well.... You already know. No rest for me. Although, I did get 15 minutes of good napping.
Well, me and some friends of mine met up at the Blue Grotto tapas restaurant for light dinner and drinks. (www.bluegrotto-tapas.com) Notice I said "light". If you know anything about a tapas restaurant, you know that you won't be getting full off shit! LOL The food was good though. The drinks were good too. We all had a good ole time. While sitting there, we discussed what our next destination would be. Well...you know me. I suggested we hit up a strip club. With the exception of one person, I figured all we be down. Mind you, my group of friends included males and females. Well surprisingly, the one I thought would be like HELL NAW was cool with it all. She figured she could get some laughs. Uh huh...whatever. She know she wanted to look at some tits and ass. hahahahaha But seriously, out of the 7 that was present, I knew that 4 out of the 7 were freaks. Two personally. hahahahaha One of my guy friends present had his girlfriend with him. She was all inquisitive as to what went down at the strip clubs. She wanted to know if were going to an all girls strip club. She wanted to know what they do...blah, blah, blah. I'm listening to her and looking at her out of the corner of my eye. Whatever chic!!! ONE, I knew she was trying to front. But...little did she know, I KNOW her boyfriend. PLUS, I remember him telling me about a year ago that he wanted me to "meet" his girlfriend. "Meet" is codeword for...."check out to see if you'd be down to fuck." Thanks to him, he contributed to the way I am today. hahahaha TWO, he only deals with freaks or those open to being freaky. What does that say about me, you ask? I say, "Fuck.you." Anywho....two of my other friends were running late and opted to meet us at our next destination. Once I told them of our plans, they were like, "Cool." They're a couple and they like doing shit like that. Strokers!!! Here we come!!

Ok. So we pull up in the parking lot. I mean, all of Atlanta must have been up in that joint. The parking lot was jam packed. We all found parking spots and scurried towards the club. There was a line. Considering some of us got in line before others, we did the only thing that normal people going out in groups would do. We jumped the line. hahahahaha Anywho, after standing outside for what seemed like FOREVER, we eventually got inside. My girlfriend said she felt like she was inside Saddam and Gomorrah. That was the funniest shit to me! Meanwhile, we all made our way to the bar. There are naked women every.damn.where! I'm standing at the bar, waiting to place my drink order and this dude is trying to talk to me. Nevermind the fact that he has a buttbootyassnaked woman giving him a lap dance at that very moment. He's too busy trying to figure out who I am. Here I am, fully dressed, coat and all, woman vs. buttbootyassnaked woman. It must have been my long fake ponytail. LOL Heey girl! I see you. *waves to the crowd* hahahahaha I'm looking at him but ofcourse, my eyes can't help but to glance at all that ass leaning up on him. *in deep thought* I thought that they had a TOUCH and GO policy up in here. That should include the strippers too, right? "Uh...don't touch my hand with your ass. Don't touch my legs with your ass!!!" hahahaha I'm getting sidetracked! Sorry! Um...yeah. "Can I get a....single Corona with lime please?" Boy...one can surely get distracted up in this piece! I don't know about other strip clubs. But here in Atlanta....they gets buttbootyassnaked!!! I mean, as I stood there, I watched the strippers on stage and the strippers giving lap dances on the floor. I took a survey (in my mind). Most, if not all of the strippers kept doing this little thing where they get all up on you and then pause...grab their coochie, open it up and expose their clit. What? What?!? Yeah....pause.....grab coochie lips, open lips, expose clit and then stare at you like, "You like that? Yeah...I know you want to touch it." But...keep in mind, they have this "TOUCH -n- GO" policy. You know mugs (not me, ofcourse) are like, "Hell yeah I wanna touch that man in the boat!" Lemme touch it. Let me grab it. That fat rabbit! LOL Awww hell! Here's a dollar!
Eventually, I caught up with my two friends that were meeting us at the strip club. I saw them when they walked up to the bar. They didn't see me. But...eventually, thanks to the mirror behind the bar, I was able to get their attention. *sidenote* Why is it that people always make a beeline to the bar when they enter a club? *end sidenote* I ran up to my male friend and hugged him. I was sooo happy to see him. We hadn't seen each other in a while. This is my DAWG!!!! I've been knowing him since we were like 12 and shit. Anyway, his girlfriend is sitting at the bar, I go up to her and hug her as well. Then me and my male friend start shooting the shit. We're talking shit about the girls in da club. Who looks good...who looks a hot mess. Who we'd have a threesome with.....hahahahahaha You liked how I threw that in, didn't you? LOL Anyway, my male friend says to me, "You're coming home with me and insert girlfriend name here." I just laughed. Although....I was slightly inebriated AND was feeling kind of horny. What? With all the tits and ass around me. Who could resist? *shrug* Mind you, my male friend has been making comments on the sly about me, him and his girlfriend having a threesome. Well...I wouldn't exactly say on the sly. He just comes right out and says it. Anyway, I entertained the thought but then somebody came up to us and started talking....and that was that. All the while, I was thinking, "Maybe I should....maybe I shouldn't." Decisions. Decisions!!!!!
Well, the night went on. Coochie everywhere at this point. Hey, have ya'll ever seen Nelly's Tip Drill video? Well, one of the "feature" girls in that video, dances at Strokers. She put on this act on stage..... She had this water bottle ya'll. Lemme just say this. Brown Sugar was taking notes. Damn! How in da hell did she do that?!? *scribbling down notes*
Meanwhile, remember my guy friend's girlfriend from the tapas restaurant? The one that was all inquisitive and shit. Well....homegirl was in RARE form at the club. One of my friends that was with us was a bit concerned that she would be overwhelmed upon entering the strip club. Again...I said WHAT.THE.FUCK.EVER!!!! Not only did she prove my thoughts right. She damn near showed her ass. Sistah girl was on it. She was dancing like she was a stripper. She probably would have taken it all off if it wasn't for the security guard who stopped her because dudes were giving her money too. Maybe it was the alcohol. But I seriously doubt it. I heard she was even trying to get up on stage with the strippers. She was putting money inside the strippers G-Strings. Homegirl was feelin it! I KNEW she was frontin!!! My other friends were shocked! It was the funniest thing....and the talk of the remainder of the night.
Well, the night was beginning to come to an end for us. Mugs were tired. My feet were hurting and dammit...it didn't look like I was going to get my lap dance. I wasn't able to find a damn seat! hahahahahaha Remember? It was jam packed up in there! I chit chatted with my friend and his girlfriend. I told them that this weekend was only part ONE of my birthday celebration. I already have reserved a hotel room for next Saturday. Hey...what happens in Atlanta, stays in Atlanta. We talked about going to yet another strip club later in the week. All suggested by his girlfriend. *rubbing chin* Hmmm.....a thought to ponder on. *shrugs* Who knows? But seriously.... I reserved the hotel room for me and another one of my girlfriends who's bday is next week. We're planning to have a spa party. But...that's still up in the air. It's funny though. When I mentioned to both of them that I had a hotel room, both of their eyes kind of lit up. hahahahaha We shall see... I guess all I have to say at this point is stay tuned for Part Deux!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Birthday Celebration Suggestions...

6 more days! Yay! My birthday is in 6 more days. It's on a damn Monday so I guess I'll have to get my celebration on this upcoming weekend. Any suggestions? Anyone? Anyone? Hey...sounds like a perfect time for the ATL bloggers to get together. Let's do a roll call. I've already met Xquizzyt1 (i know you're homesick. perfect time to get out). She's the only ATL blogger I've actually met. Now...I've spoken to Gecko Girl on the phone. We haven't met yet. Then there's EJFlavors. Haven't met him but we've chatted on instant messenger. He spoke of a lady named Saga. I haven't been privy to meet her yet. Fishgrease AKA Kae. Cool cat. Hey...he's a Pisces too. I don't forget shii. Oh yeah...Grayse. She's a Precious Pisces as well. Uh huh...bet you didn't think I be payin attention. *wink* Then there's Ms. Thing who I haven't met or spoken to via IM or email. However, I know that she, X and Grayse kick it quite often in the ATL. Jezchill....wait a minute. Let me check and see if he'll be in town. That mug seems to go on more trips than anybody I know. Shoot, since Fave is only an hour and a half from ATL he needs to come on up too. Ok, I can't think of anybody else right now. But anyway, I just thought it would be cool to come out and kick it with good ole Brown Sugar! I'm open to celebrating this weekend or the weekend following my birthday. Either way, let's do the damn thing.

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