Sunday, July 24, 2005


Is a pig's pu**y pork?

Ok....the title has nothing to do with this entry. BUT I thought the shit was funny. I got it from the movie Hustle & Flow. Which by the way, was a pretty good movie. Almost had me wanting to go break out my Casio keyboard and enter the studio. LOL I met up with Yolie and her HH. I was running late, but I made it before the movie & previews started dammit! Anywho, it was a good movie so go check it out.

I need some excitement in my life. I haven't gotten into anything in a minute. I can't even give ya'll no HOB details. I haven't even heard any good HOB details! *Nothing. Not.a.damn.thing. I'm bored ya'll. My social life *sigh*

The more I think about it, the more I feel like it's time for me to get back out in the market. Brown Sugar needs a companion. I need somebody to spend some time with. Somebody to occupy all this idle time (when the son is not around). Not that I don't have shit to do but you know, I need to spruce up my life. I need some excitement. I know you're thinking, "How much excitement can Brown Sugar actually get?!?" hee hee

I'm looking for elgible bachelors. Handsome.... clean cut..... compassionate..... sensitive, but still kind of rough around the edges.....honest..... FUN..... motivated..... hard worker...... optimistic..... family oriented...... educated..... dedicated..... (damn, this list can go on and on) Um.... oh yeah! Last but not least, Brown Sugar's future man MUST be good in bed. At least good to Brown Sugar. You know he has to eat pu**y and the like. *smile* Is all that too hard to ask for? I don't think so. Of course, in asking for all of those qualities, Brown Sugar will be able to offer the same qualities...give or take a few. I mean, I'm not handsome, I'm pretty. I wouldn't consider myself "clean cut". More like, "well put together." I'm not rough around the edges....rather soft. hee hee you get the picture. I won't break it all down.

I've noticed that when I have a man, I'm in a much better mood. Unless, we're beefing about some BS, but still. I notice that I feel sexier. I want to be out and about more. I have a lot more pep in my step. Know what I mean? Is that just me? I'm not saying that having a man MAKES or COMPLETES me....I'm just saying. *smile* Having a man makes me feel good and want to do good things with and for my man. Know what I mean? Even after we surpass that "ooowee stage."

Ok, I don't have shit else to say right now. Let's get it started. *pulling out little red book*

Sunday, July 17, 2005


**'Repost** Bathroom Monitor

Prelude: I've decided to REpost one of my first blog entries. I know some of you have comments such as, "What? Do you really have enough archives?" That goes out to Will and Yolie before you even say it. Well, Will already said it but ANYWAY! I'm doing it! Plus, I figure I'd let some of those who have just recently been introduced to Brown Sugar, see where I came from! *smile* To all others.....enjoy! I'm at this club in ATL (where the playas dwell) chillin' with my girl and her married manfriend. Triflin' I know.... *pondering* Hmm....notice I referred to ATL being where the playas dwell and I'm kind of helping out with that stereotype since I'm accompanying my girl and her married manfriend to a club and really don't care that they're doin what they're doin. They're not from here though. Does that make it better? hee hee

Anyway, my girl...let's call her, Coco...wanted to go to the bathroom to do a lipstick check and take a piss. So we're walking through the crowd, you know how it is, "Excuse me. Excuse me. Damn! I know this bitch see me trying to get through!! Hey baby....what's your name? sho is wearin those pants! got some pretty eyes...blah, blah, blah. Finally! Coco and I make it to the bathroom. Only to be greeted by this little bitty Asian woman at the bathroom counter. Now...I don't know how it is other places, but damn. Why does every club in Atlanta have to have a bathroom monitor? I mean, I got to tip a bitch to damn open the bathroom stall door (cuz that's what she really did ya'll when she saw CoCo going towards the door). Ok...So I'm taking a piss. Just about to reach for the toilet paper to wipe myself and this bitch is standing over the stall with some toilet paper and an extended stick to flush the toilet with. I'm like, "Oh...hell naw!" I'm kidding about that. But foreal. I walk out the bathroom stall and I gotta tip her for turning on the damn water faucet and checkin the temperature. I gotta tip her for turning off the water. I gotta tip her for damn handing me a paper towel to dry my hands off with. I mean damn! Talk about going broke at the club! But wait a minute. This is like a One Stop Shop ya'll. She has all the mints, gum, blowpops, laffy taffy, black n' milds, etc. that you need. Summers eve coochie wipes, condoms, tampons, pads....(ooh you know I need one of those. see previous entry...Period Woes). "Excuse much is this? hee hee

**sidenote: Ladies...please take advantage of the coochie wipes. Especially if you know you're gonna hook up with a guy for some hot bucket naked sex after a night of hot sweaty dance routines incorporated with droppin it like it's hotter than a mug all night on the dance floor. don't act like your coochie is all fresh as berries even after all that. take advantage of what's being presented to you ladies. wipe the sweatie coochie upon leaving the club. thank you!**

Ok... This chic even has friggin Nag Champa incense. WTF?!? At a damn club? Picture me dancin in the club, holding a damn incense stick....all while chanting like I'm a Buddhist Priest. Whateva! Back to reality. after shopping around the bathroom and making my purchase of incense and pads, we head for the door. Coco goes to throw her .50cent papertowel away only to miss the trashcan. All of a sudden, I hear the Mission Impossible theme music, lights dim and the bathroom monitor comes out of nowhere with these kitchen tongs, dashes to the floor and picks up the paper towel. Mission Accomplished....(fade the music, fade to black....and cut!) Oh my bad! I've somehow reverted back to my Video Production days. Ok...where was I? Oh yeah...she really did come out of no where with those tongs and grab the paper. All that other stuff was going on in my mind. hee hee Oh wait a minute. I know that ain't no damn ATM in the bathroom! Oh hell naw! How the heck did I miss that shit?!? (shaking my head....) we exit the door. Whew! I'm wiping my head....what a bathroom experience! I thought I'd never make it out there. Coco and I are making our way through the crowd to her married manfriend. Ofcourse, we have to go through the "excuse me bitches and hey babies" all over again. Before making it to our final destination, this one cat (short guy) grabs my arm and yelling over club music says, "Hey cutie...what's your name? Me: inaudible. short guy: I'ma come find you when I wanna dance. Me: Ok. (thinking....whateva!) We finally make it to the other side of the dance floor. This has got to be the largest dance floor I've seen in a club in a while. Anyway, I'm over there chillin....bobbin my head to the beat like a damn bobble head football figurine. They must have played my jam! Snoop & Pharrell..."Drop it like it's hot!" Just as I start droppin it like it's hot, who but comes up and is ready to dance. The short guy. After a quick ponder... I went ahead and danced with him. After all, this is my jam. Plus, it was too late to stop dancing and be like, I don't wanna dance. He already saw me droppin' it like it was hot. I'm enjoying the music more than him. Plus...bruh can't even handle me cuz I'm droppin it like it's hotter than a mug! Anyway, they changed dj's. It was like an old school night at the club.

Anyway, this dj seguewayed into playing all the Old school jams! Let me tell you, I stayed on that floor for about an hour straight..... I mean, if we were at a house party, I would have toe somebody's rug up! You hear me? I don't know where I got all that energy. I think most of the folks in there that were really feeling it were born circa 1969 - 1975. was cool. I even started enjoying dancing with short guy. I'm not even going to list all the songs the DJ played. Well...really, I couldn't even if I wanted to. But....just to give you an idea. He played a mix of all the New Edition songs going waaaay back to Popcorn Love and Candy Girl. I thought I was going to explode! Dudes were doing the New Edition routines in the club. It was nostalgic....and pure comedy at the same time. I had a good time, needless to say. Anyway, my damn feet were killing me! Plus, I was sweatin like somebody dumped some damn water on me. I'm sure I lost about 10 lbs of water weight. Before leaving the dance floor and escaping dude before asking for my number....he asked me for my damn number. (ok...quick ponder...should i? shouldn't i? ahh hell. give him your cell #) Ok, so we exchanged numbers and I went on 'bout my business.

I was actually ret ta go so I tried to find Coco. I found her married manfriend first. He said she went to the bathroom. (Ahh hell.... I ain't goin back there) I told him to tell her that I was finna go. Shii...I was tired as hell. I can't kick it like I used to. Luckily, I drove myself. I learned to meet friends at the club instead of riding together. Most of the time, somebody is usually ready to go before the other. And since these days, that person is usually me, I drive. Plus, I don't feel like standing at the bar with a damn attitude while my friend gallivants all over the club. I'm not quite the social butterfly that I used to be. Those were years 18 - 26. I'm 30 now. Anyway, I'm heading for the door....and who but the short guy is at the door. He said, "Hey miss lady, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed dancing with you tonight." Me: Oh ok. I enjoyed it as well. Take care! Flashed my dazzling smile and headed out the door.

I got home, took a shower and jumped my ass in the bed. I'm drifting off to sleep damn cell phone rings. Damn! I knew I should have turned my ringer off. Anyway, I didn't answer the muhfucka cuz it's like 2:30am. Whoever it is, should have known better than to call me at that time. Anyway, I hear the voicemail chime. Being the nosey person that I am. I gets up out of bed to check my voicemail. It's the short guy. He's telling me again...on my much he enjoyed dancing with me and blah, blah, blah. I'm thinking to myself, "oh He enjoyed himself. I did to. Going to sleep now.... " Why does my cell phone ring yet 4 something in the damn morning. Oh....I'm good and pissed. I gets up out of my bed (yes i said gets up) I looked at the phone. Same damn number. Oh. hell. naw. This mug has GOTSTA be out of his friggin mind callin me at 4 something in the damn morning. Needless to say, I didn't answer the phone. This time, I turned my damn ringer off. I finally fell back asleep. Pissed, nonetheless.'s damn near 11:30am now. Why has that mug called me two more additional times?!? WTF?!? Damn....why did I give this dude my number?!? I should have known better. I didn't want to give him my number in the first place. But....I'm always trying to be nice. I do that a lot. I'll give mugs my number...knowing that I don't have ANY intention of talking to them...EVER. Only to let them continue to call me time after time...leaving message after message....only to never receive a return phone call from me and then finally stop calling. Why do we do that? I mean, really. What since does it make? I mean, I could have just lied and said, "I gotta man." Right? Any suggestions?

I think some of you could learn a little bit from this entry. If nothing else, store it in your mental roladex. One, never go to a club in Atlanta without money. You may not be able to wipe your ass. Two, don't give your number out if you really don't want to. You may endure calls at all times of the day and night from somebody you don't want to talk to. And three....this is for the ladies, even though you take a shower prior to going to club, go 'head....grab those coochie wipes and wipe away the sweat before meeting up with your "hot date." You never know....

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by Brown Shuga Enterprises!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Just a lil peek at Brown Sugar.

Looking at my posting history, it seems like I only post on Wednesdays. Well maybe not. But I know that the last time I posted was on a Wednesday. Um...keep your smart remarks to yourself about the frequency of my postings. hee hee At least when I do post, I bring you some good shit. Well, most of the time anyway. Say I'm lying. I dare ya. *smile*

Anyway, I'm sorry to disappoint you this time. I don't have anything to post. However, I just wanted to forward you to my linesister's page. Be sure to check it out today. She did a Behind the Blog on little ole me! *big grin*

Check it out: The Kajuana Show

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


And the game continues...

[***Ed. note*** This might be explicit for some. Maybe not enough for others. But I just wanted to give you a heads up. Although this is actually BASED on a true story, all actions did not EXACTLY occur. I promise you this. However, I had to spruce it up a bit. I'll leave it up to your imagination to wonder what's true and what's half-true. Enjoy!***]

For writing purposes, the main girl's name is Endya. We'll call the guy, Big daddy. As for the second female player, we'll just call her Patrice.

Three parts vodka. One part orange juice.....

This is what Endya needed to get right. No matter how many times she's gone through this, she always seems to be nervous. She continually asks herself why she's always nervous. Especially since she's been down this road with him several times before. It's not because she doesn't really want to do it because she'd be lying to herself if she said she didn't like doing it. And that's the truth. Actually, ole girl has come to really enjoy these sessions. Not to mention, she always looks forward to the next rendezvous. Butterflies and all. *smile* Kind of like riding that super duper high and fast rollercoaster. Know what I mean? You want to do it but you're nervous as hell. It's the thrill, I tell ya. The thrill.

As she sat there wetting her palatte, she became more and more aroused. Not sure if it was just the mere up close and personal view of two bodies entwined in intimate positions OR if it was a combination of that and the vodka. *shrugs* They went on as if she wasn't there. Hmm...or could it be that they were putting on a show for this one girl audience? A thought to ponder on...

Endya walked over to the bed with cup in hand to get an even closer view. Something about watching people have sex really turns her on. She's a true voyeur at heart. Funny thing is, she doesn't like to be "watched." Exhibitionism is not exactly her cup of tea. Go figure....
Big daddy glanced over at her and asked, rather demanded (in a sexual way if ever such a thing - ha ha) that she remove her remaining clothing. Endya looked at him and said, "Nicca, don't worry about me. Just finish handlin YOUR business." Endya and Big daddy went back and forth for a few seconds. This is actually a little game they always seem to play to throw the other woman off. Then the next thing she knows, they're both on the same time. She never suspects it. But this time, Endya didn't bite. She just smiled and sat there. At that, he buried his head in between Patrice's thick thighs. A few minutes later, he glanced at her again and then motioned with his head (you know that little come here nod with head) to come closer.
And so she did...
She was so close that she too was in between Patrice's thighs. Up close and personal. "Yeah...look at it. Just like you like it. Fat and juicy", Big daddy said to his she-partner, Endya, with a smile on his face. She just smiled back at him and continued to look on. He dove back in between Patrice's thighs and went back to work on her love muffin.
Endya continued to watch. She was becoming more and more aroused by the second. Big daddy grabbed Endya's hand and lead it to Patrice's love muffin. Endya ran her fingers down the edges of Patrice's lips. Big daddy was right. Patrice's love muffin was just like she liked it. Her outer lips were fat and her clit stuck out like a thumb. Endya continued to run her fingers down the edges of Patrice's lips. Then she ran her fingers across her clit. Patrice moaned as Endya caressed her love muffin. Big daddy removed himself and stepped back and watched Endya proceed to do her thing. Endya moved in a little closer to Patrice's love muffin. Her face was damn near up on it. Patrice was moving her gyrating her hips in a slow motion. She was waiting and anticipating Endya to taste her juices. But Endya wasn't quite ready. She inched up a little closer towards Patrice's upper body while continuing to massage her love muffin. She inched past and above the little furry trail towards Patrice's breasts. Although Patrice's breasts weren't huge, they were a handful. Just enough for Endya to kiss and suck on. While she kissed and sucked on Patrice's right breast, Big daddy entered the scene and kissed and sucked on Patrice's left breast. Endya looked at him out of the corner of her eyes and smiled. At that, Patrice grabbed Endya and pulled her up towards her. Then Patrice gave Endya a soft, deep, wet kiss. "Mmm,".....Endya thought to self. She was impressed. Patrice was a good kisser. Endya doesn't normally like to kiss but she had to admit that she enjoyed that kiss. This went on for about a minute. That's a long time in kissing time. Right? Anyway, Endya pulled back and went back to fondling Patrice's right breast. Big daddy stepped back again and took in the sights.

Endya took both of Patrice's breasts in her hands and rubbed and kissed on them both. She rubbed each nipple with such a sensous touch. She felt each nipple harden at the touch. At that, Patrice sat up and gently pushed Endya down on the bed. She started kissing Endya again. This time it was a quick kiss. She moved down towards Endya's breasts and returned the favor. While Patrice was bent over Endya, Big daddy stepped back in. He came from behind Patrice and entered her love muffin with his love stick. Straight up doggy style. Patrice let out a soft moan while she continued to kiss and suck on Endya's breasts. Endya was getting turned on at the sounds of love juices as Big daddy went in and out. She just laid there and enjoyed the act itself. Patrice somehow through soft moans and groans, started fingering and fondling Endya's love muffin while Big daddy continued to enter her from the back. Endya started gyrating her hips at her touch. She was completely turned on at that moment.

Just then, Patrice let out a deep moan. Her body started to shake a little. Endya smiled as she looked at Patrice. Patrice was on the verge of having an orgasm. After it appeared that Patrice's orgasm was over, she collapsed on top of Endya. Titties on titties. She took a deep breath and let it out. Big daddy just stood behind her with a proud grin on his face. Endya just looked at him and started playing in Patrice's hair.

It didn't take long for Patrice to get her second wind. She started kissing Endya again. Deep, wet kisses. Apparently, she liked kissing Endya just as much as Endya liked kissing her. Endya gently rolled Patrice on her back again. She sat in between Patrice's juicy thighs. Endya started rubbing Patrice's clit again. This time, she leaned in a little closer. She continued rubbing her clit. Endya moved in a little more closer. So close that she had no choice but to kiss Patrice's love muffin. She grabbed Patrice's hands and instructed for her to hold her pu**y open for her. At that, Endya leaned in and commenced to go to work. She sucked and licked Patrice's clit in a gentle, yet firm motion. It appeared to swell up in between her own lips. She continued kissing and sucking while Patrice continued to move her pelvis in a slow back and forth motion. Endya leaned up briefly and motioned for Big daddy to grab something out of her bag. Big daddy, knowing exactly what Endya wanted, grabbed a vibrator out of her bag. He passed the vibrator to Endya and she slowly entered the vibrator inside of Patrice's love muffin while she continued to suck and lick on her clit. This got a totally different response out of Patrice. She damn near shoved Endya's face into her love muffin and held it there. Her body started doing that familiar shake and then she let out a loud moan. Endya continued to kiss and suck....only a little more gently. She's quite familiar with how sensitive the pu**y can be after an orgasm. She pulled up and rolled over onto the bed right next to Patrice.

Patrice just laid next to Endya and shook her head in awe. She couldn't believe how good Endya had made her feel. Big daddy vowed to take her to another level. And that....he did. She had to admit she loved every moment of it. She glanced over at Big daddy who stood with d*ck in hand, ready for more. He moved towards Endya and started rubbing her. Endya said to Big daddy, "Damn dawg. You just never get enough, huh?" Big daddy chuckled and said, "How could he resist?" He went down and started kissing and sucking on Endya's pu**y. Ofcourse, Endya didn't want to turn him away because it was feeling too good. However, she glanced at the clock. Noticed the time and told Big daddy to stop. She had to leave. It was already getting late. Disappointed, Big daddy got up from between Endya's legs. Endya jokingly stated that her job here was done and grabbed her bag and went to the bathroom. She grabbed a towel and gave herself a quick birdbath and put back on her clothes. When she walked out of the bathroom, Patrice greeted her and told her that she really enjoyed herself and she will be looking forward to their next meeting. They hugged and Endya kissed Patrice on her cheek and turned and walked towards the door. She opened the door, looked back at both Big daddy and Patrice standing there naked and said, "Aww hell....I guess I can stay a little while longer."

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